DEVOTION is a 21 day kickstart devotional written by Ps Steve Green of Elim Christian Centre East, a Campus Church of Elim Christian Centre, New Zealand. Ps Steve has been in full time ministry since 2007 starting as a Youth Pastor before leading Elim Christian Centre Campus Churches in Whangarei and now East Auckland. He is married to Becs and has 2 children Judah and Rocky.

Here’s what he has to say about the book.
DEVOTION is a book for everyone but will be particularly helpful for people who want to grow in their daily walk with God but just don’t know where to start. I basically wrote this for me a number of years ago. At that time I would sit down to have some time with God and find myself thinking “where do I start?” If that sounds anything like you then this book is for you. DEVOTION is not your standard “open and read the authors thoughts every day” kind of devotional. In fact I don’t say a lot and for good reason. A meaningful devotional life is not about reading my thoughts or revelations, it’s about getting your own. This book is a toolkit that gives you a framework with daily prayer focuses, bible reading with an accompanying reading method and the occasional faith building challenge. It’s done in a journal style so you can record the journey as you hear the voice of God for yourself and see answers to prayer. My prayer is that each person who gets this book would grow in faith, wisdom and power over those 21 days!