“I am on Day 4 of Steve Green’s DEVOTION & already I have noticed that my walk with God is changing, even in that short time. The format is very simple & straight-forward but I have found that focusing on a Scripture in this way has brought new life to my Bible reading ( & I have been a Christian for many years!). I am also thinking constantly about how God can use me in my work & in my family & have become more intentional in the way I act. I pray that this little book will continue to have an effect not only on me but on all who take the time to read it & act on its challenges. I am looking forward to the rest of it!”



“What I like about this little brown devotional book…
• It helps me to clarify and understand of the nature and will of God
• It organises my thoughts and lets me write my heart out
• It brings out thoughts that I never imagined
• It helps me to record my spiritual thoughts so that I will not forget when I read them again the next time
• It forces me to be more disciplined to have a regular time with the Lord and think more about my relationship with Him
• It helps me to record my spiritual growth and prayer life

I thank God that He gave you insight to come up with this book.  I must say I have to make extra time for my devotion now but it’s worth it.  A well disciplined devotional book. Thanks Steve. You’re a legend!!”



“Just kicked off 21 days today with Ps Steve Green’s Devotion. Often devotionals just end up being a distraction, with the author feeling they have to take the Holy Spirits place in bringing you scripture revelation. But Ps Steve has taken the minimalist approach beautifully and sets you up to encounter God, not the author, a great balance only achieved in his “here’s the road, here’s the tools, now go seek God” approach. Outstanding!”



If you have a story of how the book has impacted your life we would love to hear it, simply fill in the form below.


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